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Rediscover the freedom

    to create as you did when you were a child...

                 freely, without inhibition

This art experience is more about the joyful act of creating than about making perfect art. Over the course of 4 days, you will learn several simple artistic techniques specifically designed to produce impressive results for both the beginner and more experienced artist. 

You will amaze yourself with what you can create!

Alcohol Inks

You won't believe how much fun this is! Alcohol inks have a mind of there own.  They go wherever they please and leave you with many happy surprises. That is the joy of it! I will show you several techniques guaranteed to make you fall in love with this medium. 

sunflower cropped square.jpg

No brushes will be used as you create layer upon layer of free flowing paint for impressive results.  You will use fingers, paper towels, rubber scrapers and stencils to create a beautiful painting that will amaze you when you are done. This style of painting results in the authentic you... not some simple replication of a class example. I feel that this is what art is supposed to be - an expression of yourself. The results are impressive no matter how little artistic experience you have.

  Finger Painting

fiery tree finger painting.jpg
Decoupage Reinvented 

Your art will be shipped for you, free of charge, so there's no worry about getting it home safely!

This is not your mother's decoupage! I came up with this technique several years ago and it is as simple as it is impressive. You will make a bottle or two, that you have saved from one of our nights out, creating a beautiful souvenir of your adventure.  Photos or other paper mementos (ticket stubs, napkins etc.) from your trip can be preserved in your art for a personal touch. You will add specialty artist paper, ephemera, texture elements, ink stamps and your mementos to make a very personal bottle(s). The results are amazing.

Mixed Media Collage 

Use texture elements, ephemera, scrapbook paper, stencils, printed words and your own personal pictures (or choose from my supply) to create a painting that is entirely you. Once the pieces are in place, interest and depth are created adding watery layers of paint.

  Create What You Want TIME  

There will be time during our days to put the finishing touches on anything you've created so far or begin a new project using your favorite technique. I will be there for guidance but there won't be any formal instruction. 

crazy bird 1_edited.jpg
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