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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes the Appassionata Me art experience different from the others?

Our workshops are specifically designed for people who just like to have fun with art. You don’t have to be an “artist” to have success.  Most of the other workshops are for serious artists looking to master their craft. At Appassionata Me, we drink wine, laugh, crank the music up and mess around with various art techniques just because it’s fun. The end result is irrelevant.  We are on a gorgeous farm in Italy having the time of our lives with an amazing group of women. It’s all about the joy of creating!

I'm intimidated by international travel. Is this trip for me?

What makes the Appassionata Me tour special?

Appassionata Me is unique in the international art workshop world. We believe that your Italian experience shouldn't stop when the workshop is over. You’ve come all this way and are so close to so many amazing things!! How can we NOT show them to you?!! That’s why we include several extra days in the tour so we can show you all of our favorite things in Florence, Siena and Tuscany. This, paired with our many special personal touches, makes this an experience like no other.   

Women’s small group Tuscany tours
Women’s small group beginning art workshop and tour in Tuscany
Women’s small group Tuscany tours

This is the PERFECT trip for you! One of our goals is to give women who normally wouldn't dare to travel  to Italy the opportunity to do just that in a safe environment. We've got you! We have taken care of all the details for you. All you have to do is get there. From the minute you land in Italy you will be under our care. We will meet you at the airport and take care of everything from that point forward. You need not ever worry about being alone, lost and not being able to speak the language. We will even help you  book your flight. This will be a seamless, joyful, exciting  experience from the moment you sign up. Dare to dream! You can do it!

Who are the tour guides?

Bethany and Heather, our two guides, are in love with Italy! They are all about creating unique experiences and making this a trip of a lifetime for you. They compliment each other perfectly and have such a fun and comfortable chemistry that you can't help but want to be around them. Bethany is the owner of Appassionata Me and the art instructor. She developed this company out of a great passion to bring art to women who don't consider themselves "artists" . Her enthusiasm is contagious whether she's leading an art workshop or leading the group through Florence, sharing her historical knowledge of Italy along the way.  


Heather is the indispensable, fun-loving, hostess-with-the-mostest, full of energy, people loving, funny, warm-hearted, great cooking, adventurous, and marvelous-in-every-way right hand. She is the "secret sauce" of Appassionata Me.  No other tour company has her and, because of her, our tours are elevated to a whole new level. Any of the ladies from previous trips would tell you that Heather most definitely was instrumental in making their Italian adventure magical. They'd probably each have several funny and memorable "Heather stories" as well. She is key to the success of each and every trip. We are so lucky to have her! 


Will I be comfortable going on this ladies trip alone?

This is the perfect tour to do alone! The small number of participants makes it easy to make friends immediately. No one is left out of anything. You can't help but be connected as we all spend A LOT of happy time sitting around on the balcony of one of the apartments drinking wine, snacking on delicious Italian things and getting to know each other. Conversations late at night in a magical place have a way of bonding people immediately. You will never feel alone.

How does this compare to a bus tour?

There is no comparison to this trip and a bus tour. We are all about an intimate female bonding type of  experience. Our groups are intentionally small to allow for everyone to feel included as part of a larger group. From the very first night as we linger on the balcony drinking wine to the long, companionable meals we share every day, you can't help but get to know your fellow travelers on a deeper level. 


We are also much more flexible than a bus tour. We are free to change the itinerary if things come up we'd rather do instead. We may forego a museum to spend a leisurely afternoon shopping. Or we may prefer to sit and have a glass of wine in a beautiful piazza rather than visit that church across town. With two guides, it is also possible to take some people back to their apartment to relax while the rest of the group continues on.  

How do we travel around Tuscany?

Our driver, Marco, takes us to all our Tuscan destinations in his spotless Mercedes van. He is handsome, charming, kind, funny, thoughtful and a whole lot of fun while driving us through Tuscany or joining us for various meals throughout the tour. Having him at the table adds a whole extra level of fun as he shares funny stories with us or gives insight into all things Italian. By the end of every trip everyone can genuinely call him "friend".      


Is this a foodie experience?

Oh my goodness!! This trip is FULL of amazing food! We have been on many research trips to try to find the best restaurants and experiences. Food is a highlight of any trip to Italy and we have taken great care to ensure that you are experiencing the very best. 5 course dinner in the home of an Italian grandma anyone? 

Women’s small group Tuscany tours
Women’s small group Tuscany tours

How large will the group be?

The maximum group size is 12. This is a comfortable size group to ensure that we can give everyone individual attention during our art days. It will also allow us to fit in 2 vans when travelling to our various destinations. The minimum size is six. 

Do I need to bring my own art supplies?

Only if you want to. Everything you need for the art will be there.  However, if you want to make your art more personal, the texture painting, mixed media collage and decoupage projects lend themselves very well to photos and other images or printed words.  Print them on regular printer paper.  

How strenuous are the traveling activities?

You should be able to walk a good chunk of the day and able to climb stairs comfortably. We will be walking quite a bit in Florence. The historic city center is relatively small and flat. Most sights can be reached on foot. Tuscany is very hilly. Most of our activities are such that we can be dropped off right where we need to be so no strenuous activity is necessary. However, there will be some uphill streets that we need to climb as we are wandering around. Also, since we will have a private driver to take us from place to place, there is no need to worry about having to haul your luggage around train stations and city streets. We will travel from door to door with our luggage.

Women’s small group Tuscany tours
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