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An Italian Adventure

This is the perfect trip for you!  This is a great way for the solo traveler to explore the country.  You come by yourself but you won't be alone.  Your entire trip will be in the company of your new friends.  How incredible would it be to share this experience with your closest family or friends?  We've got you! We have taken care of all the details for you. All you have to do is get there. From the minute you land in Italy you will be under our care. We will meet you at the airport and take care of everything from that point forward. You need not ever worry about being alone, lost and not being able to speak the language. We will even help you  book your flight. This will be a seamless, joyful, exciting  experience from the moment you sign up. Dare to dream! You can do it!


.................................................General Itinerary..................................

  • Beautiful, single occupancy accommodations

  • Unbelievable food and wine

  • Private drivers

  • Wine tastings

  • Cooking class

  • Professional art instruction

  • All attractions and tours

  • New friends & memories for a lifetime

Everything is included!
(excluding airfare)
Cost $5,795USD
Day 1:
  • Arrive in Florence. You will be picked up at the airport and driven to your apartment

  • Explore the streets of Florence seeing the Ponte Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria, Loggia de Lanzi and the Piazza del Duomo

  • Dinner in Piazza de' Pitti

Day 2:
  • Morning market Mercato di Sant'Ambrogio

  • Cooking class

  • Visit the Basilica di Santa Croce

  • Dinner in Piazza Santo Spirito


The perfect mix of travel and relaxation

Upcoming Trips

*Late registration potentially accepted

2024 May 16th-26th  

     registration deadline March 12th, 2024

2024 Sept 16th-26th (SOLD OUT)

     registration deadline June 15th, 2024

2024 Sept 27th-Oct 7th

     registration deadline June 25th, 2024

2024 May 28th-Jun 9th (SOLD OUT)

     registration deadline February 25th, 2024

2025 May15th-25th

     registration deadline February 14th, 2025

2025 Sept 15th-25th

     registration deadline June 14th, 2025

Day 3:
  • Brunch in Piazza della Repubblica

  • Duomo tour 

  • Visit the Battistero and Santissimo Annunziata

  • Witness Michelangelo's David

  • Shopping at Mercato Centrale

  • Dinner Piazza del Mercato Centrale

  • Wander through the Bardini Garden

  • Explore the Uffizi Gallery

  • Boat ride/tour on the Arno river

  • Dinner on one of our private terraces

  • Travel through Tuscany to Siena to explore the Duomo and the Piazza del Campo

  • Lunch and wine tasting in the countryside

  • Spend the night in San Gimignano

  • Wander around this perfectly preserved village  

Day 5:
Day 4:

Day 6:

  • Lunch and wine tasting in Chianti

  • Travel to our Tuscan estate

  • Decoupage wine bottles

Day 7:

  • Paint with alcohol ink

  • Visit the village of Castellina in Chianti

  • Dinner in the village of Panzano at the home of an Italian grandma

Day 10:

  • Travel back to Florence

  • Morning market in the charming village of Greve

  • Lunch at a Michelin star restaurant

  • Free time in Florence

  • Dinner Piazza del Duomo

Day 8:

  • Optional morning hike

  • Finger painting

  • Relaxing day on the estate

Day 11:

  • To the airport for the journey home


Day 9:

  • Cheese making tour and tasting

  • Balsamic vinegar tasting and lunch

  • Mixed media collage painting

  • Free time on estate for art or leisure



Explore the treasures of the Renaissance! Spend 5 days in Florence and see some of the most astounding art and architecture in the world.  Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Donatello, among others, have left Florence one of the most visually stunning cities in the world.


Along with Florence, Siena has one of Italy's most jaw-dropping churches.  Entering it for the first time will take your breath away.  Explore the Duomo and wander the streets of this great medieval city. 

San Gimignano

Spend the night in one of Italy's most perfectly preserved medieval cities.  The towers of the rich and powerful from centuries past make an impressive skyline.  Climb the bell tower for a view of the Tuscan hills that must be seen to be believed.  

San Gimignano

Greve & Castellina in Chianti


The small villages of Greve and Castellina in Chianti are meant for leisurely strolls.  Sip wine in the piazza or discover your new favorite wine at Greve's wine tasting dispensary! Wander through the shops and local markets that fill the streets. Imagine the treasures you will find!

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