Guided Travel

See the Tuscany you've been dreaming of.  We will take you to all our favorite places.  Each of the 10 days in this trip is an adventure as we explore Florence and Siena as well as the beautiful Tuscan countryside.  All the details, including apartments, private drivers, museum passes and most meals, are taken care of for you.


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renaissance treasures

See the masterpieces of the great Renaissance artists.  Works by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael among others are scattered throughout the the great Tuscan cities we will visit.  Visit several magnificent churches that will leave you breathless. 

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Art for the joy of it

Come create with us in beautiful Tuscany where the sun is shining, the wine is flowing and the laughter is infectious! Our simple beginner art techniques produce surprising results.  This experience is not as much about making perfect art as it is about the joyful act of creating.

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fantastic food and wine

Enjoy fabulous food and wine at our favorite restaurants and wineries.  We have spent several years finding the best places to go in the region.  The highlight is as authentic as it gets.....a 5 course dinner in the home of an Italian grandma.  Spectacular!!  Buon Appetito! 


...........fill me with extraordinary, adventuresome moments

passion for Italy

Bethany Ekblad is passionate about all things Italy.  Over the course of her many trips, she has developed a deep love for the beauty of the  art and countryside, the deep traditions, the friendly people, and the relaxed way of life.  Her passion spills out into every aspect of the trip.  It's infectious.  You  can't help but fall in love too.


authentic accomodations

Enjoy your own room in our beautiful, authentic Italian apartments!  The apartments in Florence are perfectly situated across the river Arno, just outside of the main tourist area.  This provides a much more authentic experience as you walk among the locals.  The apartments at San Leo, our Tuscan estate, are as charming as can be.  Our hostess, Patrizia Belli, graciously takes care of everything we need.  You will never want to leave.


perfect girls getaway

A trip of a lifetime! You will be treated to the very best kind of vacation - one where someone else worries about the details.  We've done all the work so you can have all the fun.  We will show you  things you've only dreamed about.  Imagine lingering over long lunches in the Tuscan hills, wandering the streets of quaint little villages, staring in awe at the majesty of the many churches, or winding down at the end of the night on your apartment terrace with a bottle or two of wine reliving the magic of the day. The memories will last forever!


upcoming trips

           May 20th-29th 2022   

                  registration deadline February 18th, 2022

          Sept 23rd - Oct 2nd, 2022

                   registration deadline June 20th, 2022

          Cost $4,295 

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Explore several art techniques
on a beautiful estate in the Chianti region of Tuscany rediscovering the freedom to create as you did when you were a child; freely, without inhibition.  These simple techniques are designed to produce impressive results for both beginner and experienced artists!

appassionata me Italian artistic adventure decoupage wine bottles

Decoupage Reinvented

Mixed Media Collage

fill me with extraordinary, adventuresome moments......

Appassionata Me