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You will not be sorry! 

If you are seriously thinking/dreaming of visiting Italy, I highly recommend you reserve a spot with Bethany and Heather at Appassionata Me. You will not be sorry!!! I was fortunate to sign up for this opportunity to travel with them this past September. This was my first trip abroad and I had many visions and expectations of traveling through Italy. . . They exceeded every expectation! The accommodations were beautiful and comfortable, the food was excellent (not even one undesirable meal!), the wine was plentiful and delicious! The tours, shopping, and traveling to additional cities was fabulous! The art was so much fun and I learned a lot . The fun and camaraderie among our group was amazing. There was no downside to this trip at all. Did I mention the kindness, friendliness, professionalism, and great attitude of Bethany and Heather? They can’t be beat! We were all pampered and spoiled for the entire trip! How do you top this? I’ll just have to save up and do it again!

Christine - St. Clair Shores, MI

Italy #2 158_edited.jpg
You were the perfect tour guide 

What an amazing trip to Italy! You had everything arranged so that we did not have to worry about anything, and you handled all the little details for us.  I really like the fact that it was just a small group of women, so we were really able to get to know each other one on one.  Florence was awesome, and you made getting around and seeing the sights so easy and enjoyable.  You were the perfect tour guide.  I loved the farm and the art.  Wasn't sure about that part at first, but it was truly memorable for me.  You know, of course, that I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the wineries; the scenery was amazing; food was scrumptious; relaxing accommodations; I could go on and on.  Thank you so much for all you did to create such an unforgettable trip!

Karen, Greenbay WI


I can't say enough about this wonderful trip!

I am an experienced traveler and have traveled this area of Italy before but still found that there were more new things to see and do. Bethany knows how to do things up first-class..from the lodging to the food, to the wines, to the experiences. What a joy it was to be part of this group from the guides to the other tour members. I will always treasure the experience and will do it again.

Kathy , Albany OR

Outstanding - Superbly Organized -

Seamless organization from beginning to end.  We benefited from Bethany's years of travel in Italy.  She created a fabulous adventure and trip with great food, wine, sights and friendship in a small group.  Just the right balance of travel, relaxation and art.  She is talented as a painter, teacher and host.  I highly recommend your next Italy travel and painting adventure with Appassionata Me lead by Bethany.

Lisa , Stillwater MN


What a blast!

I couldn't have dreamed of a better trip.  I was able to travel with 5 great friends to a foreign country and not worry about a thing.   We had organized things to see and also plenty of time for unplanned wandering.  It was terrific.  My favorite part - other than the food and wine and sights - was the fact that I didn't have to worry about all the details of travel.  Bethany had everything in place.  We just showed up and had fun - lots of fun.  Bethany is also a great art instructor.  I'd say she's more of a guide - she shows you her ideas and suggestions but gives you the freedom to create your own art.  So much fun.  Who knew we all have an "inner artist".  I don't now why I'd travel any other way. 

Heather, Kingfisher OK


Bethany is simply awesome!

She is funny, loves to laugh and loves to drink wine!  From the beginning to the end, she handled all of the details with ease and grace.  All I had to do was write the check!  I trusted her with all of the small details that made for an awesome vacation experience.  Always thoughtful and kind, she made sure we were having a good time.  Choose Bethany for your next Italian art vacation.  You will be happy you did!

Commander Patsy Dillon, USN (Retired) Bloomington, MN

This was a fantastic trip!

What an incredible experience! The art of the masters was amazing and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to view it. The churches were amazing; each one different and all intriguing. History just flowed from everywhere.
The food was beyond delicious. Bethany knows where to find the best. The wine tastings paired with courses of food were fantastic. The wine paired with conversation while relaxing was always great. The accommodations were delightful. Our driver is “the best in Tuscany” and his Mercedes van was very comfortable with plenty of leg room. This was a fantastic trip. Bethany and Heather are wonderful and committed to creating a great experience for their guests. The creative process in San Leo was fun and Bethany taps into the creativity in all of us.
I love Florence, Tuscany and Appassionata Me.

Mary Margaret - Jackson  MS


Who would have known -

that attending one of Bethany's finger painting classes would open up a whole new creative world for me.  I never considered myself that creative and certainly not a painter but I attended anyway.  I was pleasantly surprised as Bethany drew out of me skills I never knew I had.  Her techniques are very helpful and she is a wonderful, caring teacher who is masterful at getting your hidden creative juices flowing.  I loved my experience and my painting so much that I had it professionally framed and I went back to attend another session.  I would highly recommend Bethany's class to anyone looking for a very rewarding experience that you won't regret.

Virginia, Eagan MN


Thanks to Bethany for showing me we all have an artist within us.

Bethany has an amazing way of mixing her love of art with humor, making everyone feel at ease.  Having the opportunity to travel with her was a stress free, beautiful, as well as educational experience.

Linda, Sullivan MO


It was a great vacation with a lot of laughs and learning.

Bethany took care of all the details and shared her love for Italy with us, including the art, wine, food and history.  She has visited the country many times and showed us the best of the best.  Not only is she a great artist but a great person who is fun to travel with!

Kathy, Edina MN


fill me with extraordinary, adventuresome moments......

Appassionata Me

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