Women’s small group Tuscany tours including Florence

Explore Tuscany, from its majestic cities to its charming villages

We will leave plenty of time for leisurely strolls, long lunches and dinners and shopping.  I have learned that the greatest moments of travel are not just the ones spent taking pictures of monuments or churches but those spent in conversation with good friends over a fantastic meal or simply wandering the streets of an amazing city.

Other sights we will visit in Florence are the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge, the Palazzo Pitti, Michelangelo's tomb, Piazza della Signoria, Piazzale Michelangelo and the Mercato Centrale street market. 


Explore the treasures of the Renaissance! Spend 4 days in Florence and see some of the most astounding art and architecture in the world.  Michelangelo, Leonardo d Vinci, Donatello, among others, have left Florence one of the most visually stunning cities in the world.


Women’s small group Tuscany tours including Florence


Along with Florence, Siena has one of Italy's most jaw-dropping churches.  Entering it for the first time will take your breath away.  Explore the Duomo and wander the streets of this great medieval city. 

Women’s small group Tuscany tours including Siena

pisa and lucca

Spend part of a day in Pisa visiting the three magnificent buildings in the Piazza del Miracoli; the Duomo, the Bapistry and the Leaning Tower.  Climbing the tower is an adventure all its own.  The view from the top is definitely worth the effort.  The rest of the day will be spent in Lucca wandering the antique market that fills the streets.  Imagine the treasures you will find!



san gimignano

Spend the night in one of Italy's most perfectly preserved medieval cities.  The towers of the rich and powerful from centuries past make an impressive skyline.  Climb the bell tower for a view of the Tuscan hills that must be seen to be believed.  


Women’s small group Tuscany tours including San Gimignano

fill me with extraordinary, adventuresome moments......

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